Video Production Dorset


Our Video Production company is made up of veterans who have served as British Army Cameramen around the world.

Cloudhill Productions are a team of creative minds, who are dedicated to promoting your business and telling your story.

No Matter the Weather!

Video Production Dorset


Cameraman and Creative Genius
Russ is a multi award winning photographer and cameraman. Trained by the British Army, he has over 12 years of experience. He has travelled the world filming and photographing British soldiers in action, from Iraq and Afghanistan to the US and Europe.
Widely published in the regional, national and international news outlets. His images have appeared on the front page of the Telegraph and in the pages of the New York Times.
Having always had a huge interest in TV and film, he now uses the skills learnt in the Forces for Cloudhill Productions.


Cameraman and Planning Extraordinaire
Gary is an award winning professional photographer, video cameraman and editor with over ten years of experience. His captivating imagery has graced regional, national and international newspapers, magazines and television.
Trained as a Combat Photographer for the British Military, Gary has filmed and photographed all over the world from war torn Afghanistan to commissions in the USA. His natural style and emphasis on quality video production makes him well regarded in his field.
Video Production Dorset
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