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Gary and Russ left the British Army after 25 Years and decided to continue with their passion for video! Come and see what we get up to on our jobs and follow our journey as we start our own Video Production business.

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How to do a Video Testimonial

Testimonials are a great way to promote your business, but have you ever thought about getting your clients to do a video testimonial?

Top Tips for creating video on your mobile

We deliver some top tips of what to consider when creating your own videos.

Film Behind The Scenes of your business

These tips provide an insight into your business, it can allow customers to understand what makes your service/product so great.

Do a video of your Frequently Asked Questions

Part of our recent training videos on how to shoot better videos yourself for your small business. Here we talk about Frequently Asked Questions or FAQ's.

Filming the Mist at Corfe Castle

Our destination Corfe Castle in Dorset, leaving at 10pm we would be arriving around midnight. Then grab a bit of sleep in the van before being up bright and early for filming.

How to film a music video

We recently did some filming for a music video for the Guitar Duo Trip in Weymouth. This is a little Behind the Scenes of how we did it.

Travelling and Filming in Oslo

A behind the scenes look at our recent filming trip in Oslo, Norway. Follow our journey out, see what we film and see us in action.