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Cloudhill Productions is a Dorset based video production company that enjoys guiding you through your journey from start to finish.

When working with Cloudhill, the people you’ll meet in early discussions, will be the people you’ll deal with during the entire production process. That means at every stage of the production you’ll be talking to experienced professionals who understand your market, your business and your creative needs.


When starting any video it may seem daunting but we are here to guide you through the whole planning process. We will help you to refine your concept and ideas to ensure that we deliver the message about your product or service.
You may want to ask yourself some important questions at this stage...

Who do you want to see the video? Whats the message you want to give? What do you want them to do once they've watched it? and Where will you be putting this video?

These questions help you to really focus on what you want your video to do.


Believe it or not, the hardest part is the pre-production. 


We will have helped you to considered everything and we will work with you to prepared your storyboards, scripts, locations, actors and anything else that enables your shoot to go smoothly.


Sometimes things can change on the day but our professional ex-military background allows us to adapt easily to this, which will make the whole experience feel effortless.


Once we have gathered all the footage ready for Post Production, we will start to work on your video.


You will be involved throughout the whole process providing feedback on each draft until we refine the final video, that best tells your story.

Watch a few of our videos to see what we’ve been up to recently.